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Джулия строгая
37 years
Russia, Moscow
Was 01 december 2020 at 09:02
Role: Domination
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About me
Опытная. Властная. Строгая Госпожа. ищет послушного нижнего. возможно без опыта. обучу и воспитаю сама. отвечаю только на конкретное предложение. все остальное сразу в игнор!!
On the body there is
  • Piercing
  • Tattoos
  • Hair
    Dating Man, Woman
    Purpose of dating
  • Friendship and communication
  • Correspondence
  • Love and relationships
  • Regular sex together
  • Sex for one or two times
  • Group sex
  • Virtual sex
  • Offer sex for money
  • Looking sex for money
  • Marriage, creating a family
  • Birth, raising a child
  • Marriage for a look
  • Material support
    I do not need a sponsor and do not want to be